Frequesntly Asked Questions

What do you get when you buy the BolderX?
You receive receive a set of BolderX grips, 3 Spacer Inserts per grip, a canvas carrying bag with pocket inside large enough to hold the Spacer Inserts, a Quickstart Guide, a sticker and a beautiful box that you will want to keep.

What are the advantages of the BolderX board holder?
There are a lot of advantages. The BolderX isn’t a large contraption that has to be held or mounted to a wall. The grips can be taken onto the training or competition mats, to the park, home or wherever you want to break. They are light

Which boards will the BolderX hold?
The BolderX will accommodate all of your favorite rebreakable boards i.e., UMAB, Proforce, Century and others. It will also hold up to two 1″ wood boards.

What is the Spacer Insert?
The Spacer Inserts are used in various configurations to hold the different rebreakable and wood breaking boards that are on the market. Your receive 6 total, three per grip. Four have thin rubber compression strips and two have thick rubber compression strips. The Quickstart Guide provides the various configurations.

How does the BolderX protect my fingers from getting kicked?
The BolderX puts your figures behind the board being struck. No more injured or broken fingers. The BolderX may reduce certain risks but it does not eliminate nor guarantee protection from injury. Users of the BolderX assume all risks and liabilities from its use.

Is the BolderX American made?
We love American made products however the BolderX is manufactured in China. The BolderX was engineered and designed in America. We would have loved to manufacture it in the U.S. however this is the only way to keep the price down – we want everyone to have one. The product design and the material quality of the BolderX are very impressive and you will love it.