Marital Arts Board Holder

For martial artists who break boards, the BolderX is an essential piece of equipment. This versatile, lightweight, and adjustable board holder will protect your fingers and enhance your training experience.

Are you tired of getting your fingers kicked? Wouldn’t it be nice to kick a board and not worry about kicking the person’s fingers holding the board? The BolderX will give you peace of mind that you never had before when breaking boards. Now you can practice breaking all you want and your fellow Martial Artist’s fingers are protected. Now you can kick or strike with the confidence you need in order to improve accuracy, speed and power and not worry about kicking someone’s fingers!

The MA Toolz BolderX is adjustable and designed to hold all of your favorite rebreakable boards and it holds up to two 1″ wood boards.

The BolderX consists of two grips which clamps your boards in place using rubber compression strips to reduce slippage. You can insert various sizes and thicknesses of boards into the BolderX and clamp them firmly into the BolderX using the Spacer Inserts.